Complexity, Commensurability, Anticipation

Jun 11 2016, 5-6pm

Talk at the Berlin Summit, June 11, 2016 5-6pm following by discussion, organised by Utopian Union. Details here.

How can an emancipatory political form, fit for our age of planetary complexity, be conceived? “Complexity” has often become a stand-in term to shut down debate and denote communicative ambiguity. Such a position stultifies possibility and often fosters a resignation to immediacy and presentness, leaving us ill-equipped to face the sets of pluri-disciplinary, abstract and interwoven demands urgently pressing upon us. With a non-absolutist ambition to leverage our complex condition otherwise, this talk will focus on the interplay between reality and ideality as a humble, conceptual necessity to even begin to approach to the scope of the propositions at hand.