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Frames of Reference for the Inexistent

14 Mar, 2020

Diagrammatic lecture at Ausland, Berlin 14 March, 2020. Event as livestream in an act of social distancing. With Patricia Reed, Jan St. Werner, Pita, Dean Roberts.

For the new series “CC No. 2 – Craving Coincidence”, ausland has invited six musicians to curate one long night each, inbetween concert evening, salon and club night. They’re weaving their own concert into a multifaceted programme featuring contributions by further artists. Tonight’s first edition was put together by Jan St. Werner (Microstoria, Mouse on Mars), who’ll bring Olivia Block, PITA, Rosa Barba, Patricia Reed and Eleni Poulou with him to ausland, and present the book “Decay Object” together with Rupert Smyth. The evening as such becomes part of St. Werner’s long-term project “Fiepblatter Catalogue”.

Full recording of live event can be seen on YouTube.