Home Works 7 | Beirut

Nov 11–24 2015

What Hope Looks Like After Hope (On Constructive Alienation), Group exhibition curated by Bassam El Baroni, 11–24 November 2015. A multidisciplinary forum on cultural practices which takes place every 2–3 years in Beirut. Opening 12 Nov!

What would hope look like if we injected it with a strenuous dose of reality, placed it in a world where causes are untraceable and effects incalculable, severed it from its more eschatological concerns about the future, and blocked it from using the posturing of human rights and humanism? What Hope Looks like After Hope takes the form of an exhibition and a series of related talks and presentations by artists and invited guest speakers through which the aesthetics and politics of Constructive Alienation are presented and discussed from a wide perspective. Developed in dialogue with the participants, What Hope Looks like After Hope focuses on presenting newly commissioned and already existing works by artists whose practice relates to the notion of Constructive Alienation. It also revisits the work of artists from recent art history, speculating on their possible aesthetico-political engagement in a project on inverted hope. Finally, through talks and presentations it aims to initiate discussion and debate on the place of art in a contemporary constructive politics.