Summa Technologiae | Online Seminar

26 Nov, 2020

Talk and discussion for the Summa Technologiae seminars, a pedagogical investigation based on the work of Stanisław Lem organized by Julieta Aranda, as a cooperation between e-flux and Adam Mickiewicz Institute. Part of Seminar 1: Constructing Time, led by Mo Salemy and Lou Cantor | my session on 26 November 2020 with Jason Mohaghegh.

Constructing Time, Reinventing Nature approaches Stanisław Lem’s Summa Technologiae as a text that places human societies at the crucial intersection of the four categories of past, future, nature, and technology. Led by Mohammad Salemy (Alphabet Collection) together with Lou Cantor, and taught by guest lecturers from The New Centre for Research & Practice, this three-session seminar is an experiment in understanding and interpreting the late Polish philosopher’s legacy for our time.

This seminar is a hands-on workshop that uses two chapters of the original Summa Technologiae book, “Phantomology” and “Intelectronics” to extend Lem’s methodology and produce collective works, reconfiguring his cosmology to speak to our contemporary conditions. Each session will include two short lectures and exchanges between the guests, during which participants will be producing responses to the Seminars in visual, textual, and time-based formats.