Talk at Climate Care / Floating University

5 Sept, 2021

Public Talk and reading group session, 5 September, 2021. 17:00 Reading session (Marx’s Ecosocialism by Kohei Saito); 19:00 Lecture “On Exhaustion and Metabolic Rifts). In Berlin for Climate Care: The Rewilding Years, Berlin.

The recognition of climate crisis is coincident with a recognition of the inseparability of things, activities and forces. The inseparability of figure from ground; the mixing of human, microbial and geological temporalities; and the complex causal consequences of daily events that suture disparate geographies into a common problem space, to name only a few. This inseparability manifests in the concept of the planetary, a coalescence that demands new frameworks for concept-making and activity that emphasize synthetic thought (and pedagogies) – what one can succinctly describe as a shift from an emphasis on existence (of particularities) to coexistence (how particularities are put or situated into relation).