Rebranding the Bufferzone

2008 | Vinyl Sticker | 10cm X 10cm

Based on an ‘artistic tourism’ trip to Cyprus, these pieces look at the ways in which Nicosia brands itself as “Europe’s Last Divided Capital”. One proposal is to remake the municipal logo (a dove surrounded by the Venetian walled city), and switch it in favour of a hummingbird which is not indigenous to Cyprus, as is the only bird that can remain ‘directionless’ in flight.


Proposal for a new logo for Nicosia
Archival Prints: each 16cm X 18 cm


Proposal for a living monument to the Bufferzone
Hummingbirds would be imported and survive on Coca Cola concentrate (i.e The Coke Side of Life)
Archival Print: 50 cm X 37.5 cm
Background photo by Alex Schikowski