Sentences on Drifting


continent. Issue 3.2, 2013

1. To drift is to be propelled by currents.

2. Sentences are textual currents.

3. To drift is to be compelled with currents.

4. To be compelled is to be overcome by some force.

5. To be overcome by some force requires the instantiation of a weightless body (virtual or actual), upon which and through which a force can operate.

6. Forces can be physical, cognitive, unconscious and sensory.

7. Forces of drift have no particular telos; they incline bodies without knowable destination.

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Patricia Reed, 'Sentences on Drifting' special issue of continent. Issue 3.2 / 2013: 28-30, eds. Berit Soli-Holt, Jeremy Fernando and April Vannini.