Art Collectors Interview

Jun 2015

Interview as Laboria Cuboniks with Joel Mu for Art Collectors online, Australia – System Complexity.

Berlin’s Schinkel Pavillon was the setting for the first public appearance of Laboria Cuboniks (an anonymous feminist collective) and reading of their 7-part mega manifesto – Xenofeminsim: A politics for alienation. After the event I had an opportunity to meet some of its members and chat about the event, the (art) world and self-help technologies. Much was said on- and offline and no doubt much more is still to come. Despite the bunker-like conditions, there was a good turn out. I remember seeing artists, artist collectives, activists, curators, writers and philosophers – how would you characterise this crowd? The launch was in the context of a contemporary art venue, so one would presume that many in attendance were from that field – as loose as that can be in Berlin with so much interest in the arts in general. That said, who knows who these generous stranger-guests were, it’s not so important! We did have some of our friends from the cyberfeminist VNS Matrix group from Australia there, so that was a great coincidence they were in town for their own work and an honour to present our ideas with them in the midst.