Click Festival in Elsinore DK

19 May, 2018

Talk with Diann Bauer and Helen Hester – Unpacking Xenofeminism on 19 May 2018.

Laboria Cuboniks is an international collective actively working to reengineer a feminism appropriate and proportionate in its concepts, content and scale to be relevant to the techno-social present. In 2014 they published their manifesto, Xenofeminism: A Politics for Alienation, which has since been translated into multiple languages, most recently Danish, attesting to its appeal and relevance to contemporary feminist discourse and politics. With their project, xenofeminism, they have developed a many-headed treatise of contemporary theory, a radical political statement on gender abolitionism and societal reconfiguration, which encourages affective engagement. Laboria Cuboniks have been invited to occupy a full session, so as to better expand on the diverse and often divergent streams of their project, through presentations, screenings and discussion. They will guide through central concepts of the xenofeminist project and elaborate on current developments and thoughts related to the participants’ practices. Laboria Cuboniks is represented at CLICK Festival by Dutch artist Diann Bauer, professor in media and communications at University of West London Helen Hester and writer and designer Patricia Reed.