Future and Fictions – Goldsmith’s

Dec. 10 2015, 17-19:00

Laboria Cuboniks last in the lecture series from the Dept. of Visual Cultures. Dec. 10, 17-19:00. with moderation by Luciana Parisi.

The Xenofeminist Manifesto, published earlier in 2015, is a discursive scaffold for future work yet to be built. With the aim of “forking” this foundational, written-gesture into more substantiated forms, two presentations will be delivered, preceded by a introduction as to the impetus driving the generic thematics of xenofeminism. The first branch will examine the shift from ‘knowing that’ to ‘knowing how’; transdisciplinarity; as well as the concept of hyperstition – a concept involving new models of time. The second ‘branching out’ will address the necessity of alienation as a perspectival catalyst for post-catastrophic world-making, and how this ‘estrangement’ could function in relation to other modes of thinking universalism as a type of glue, rather than a top-down schematic.