Illuminations Summer School

28 July 2018

Discussion on “Speculative Governance on a Planetary Scale”, in Tyumen, RU. 28 July 2018, 9am-11am (CET). More info here.

How does a more just and legitimate mode of governance look like in the 21st century, if enacted for the first time, on a planetary rather than national scale? In this dialogue, Jason Adams, Klara Jaya Brekke, Patricia Reed, and Mohammad Salemy engage the realm of speculative political theory and consider a variety of options, ranging from worldwide direct democracy via the Internet to a rebalanced, nation-state-restraining United Nations, and from decentralized modes powered by Blockchain to more centralized, yet still democratic, sortition-based models of world government. Rather than passively accepting the 17th-century Westphalian order, or worse, its transformation into a patchwork of local and global corporate fascism, this dialogue will begin from the assumption that both intranational disintegration and transnational integration are far more likely outcomes. The dialogue will engage speculative modes of aesthetic, political, and technological interventions concerned with the question of actualizing legitimate decision-making structures on the level of the world as a whole. More info here.