Remote Signals and Proximate Noise

17 Feb. 2023

Lecture at JOAN February 17, 2023 in Los Angeles, 16:00-18:00 (PST). In the context of Caitlin Berrigan’s solo exhibition Cassandra with a Flood in Her Mouth.

Worlds are crafted in language and substance, prose and boulder, poetry and ash, word and artifact. From within Berrigan’s world of the exhibition, this talk examines modeling in artistic practice as a gesture summoning interaction with unfamiliar temporalities, narrative correspondences, and material situations demanded by planetary historicity; itself understood as a post-critical moment. Through the lens of intra-scalar practice, we’ll discuss how such model-worlds serve as vehicles for conceptual and sensorial dishabituation, where the ‘stuff’ of said model-worlds furnishes a particular habitat of fictional objectivity, enabling access to possible states of resolute mattering. At what resolution does possibility become recognizable, and through what conditions of a human sensorium can that be discerned from the noise of this entangled present?