The Depth and the Ply | Paris

Feb 19-20 2016

An event marking the launch of Glass Bead‘s journal / website. 19-20 February, 2016 at Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers, Paris. Panel discussion with Glass Bead and Suhail Malik.

To be human is to enter into a game of ends and means. This game is not a natural game. Animals do not play it. It is the game through which humans construct themselves as well as their environment. It is a normative game whose rules can be altered and transformed, crossing over the whole range of human engagements with the world. Elaborating on the contents of the first issue of Glass Bead’s journal, this launch event is dedicated to the following questions: what is the function of art in this game? How can theoretical and practical forms of expression help to reshape the rules of the game and further transform our normative landscape? Talk documentation on the Glass Bead Website.