Volatile Prophesies – Solo Exhibition

10 Oct–17 Nov, 2018

Running from 10 Oct–17 Nov, 2018 at Knot Project Space, Ottawa, CA.

Volatile Prophesies presents a swirling tour in deep space where star constellations have been replaced by coins from all active currencies today. The camera takes a “random walk” path through the constellations, with each coin spinning in a suspended state of probability. The gesture of flipping a coin in a decision-making process breaks down when inertia is unending and friction is nonexistent, while the bodily discomfort of the camera movements renders a sense of ungrounded orientation within our complex condition. The soundtrack includes fragments of voices in the six languages most used in global exchange markets. The words originate from a sentiment analysis dictionary in finance used for the algorithmic processing of human emotions to forecast trends in trading and incite speculation. The work has been influenced by the tendency in algorithmic trading to pluck specialists from astrophysics, who possess rare expertise in integrating incredible amounts of data, but whose capacities have been reduced to operationalizing micro-second competitive advantages in profit seeking.