Where is the Planetary? at HKW Berlin

Oct 14–16, 2022

Participation in experimental set-up to investigate questions of Inhabitability at Planetary Dimensions, taking place as a staged film-set by artist Koki Tanaka at HKW Berlin Oct 14–16, 2022.

Excerpt of Research Statement: My research flows from such a problem for two reasons. The first concerns the relation between the reinvention of space belonging to Long Modernity (from Renaissance perspectivalism, to the infamous grid, through to today’s modeling software applications), and the co-emergence of an image of “Man” as the construction of Eurohumanism, that has since punitively manifested as a globally-scaled, economically neoliberal, mono-humanism. This historical co-emergence suggests that the Eurohumanist “Man”, as a once abstract, purely philosophical invention, gained heuristic traction (for better and for worse) because it emerged alongside a representational space within which to embed, practice itself, and experience reality.