Writing Workshop | UDK Berlin

Jun 6 2016, 5-7pm

On Laboria Cuboniks writing methodologies, core XF principles for a writing workshop for students of UDK, June 6 2016, 5-7pm.

Broadly speaking, the manifesto was written to inject a feminist and gender political discourse with aims to think at a scale commensurate with our complex reality and the sets of inherent injustices and malfunctionings bound to contemporary neoliberal hegemony. Our position is that to face up to this reality and to seek to transform its affordances, requires us to be able to deploy systemic approaches, rather than immediate, purely affective or exclusively localized tactics. This approach responds to people like Rosi Braidotti and Nina Power (although I’m sure both of those thinkers would have some highly critical remarks to make on the project) who have scathingly critiqued either the ‘consumerist’ turn of feminism – wherein feminism comes to stand in for a kind of sex-in-the-city model of a woman’s ability to purchase an expensive handbag and celebrate your vibrator; or a feminism that seeks advances on the margins alone, while the hetero-normative center remains anchored in place. Xenofeminism shares that sentiment and, genealogically speaking, culls more from second-wave feminisms of the past that sought counter-hegemonic proportions for their projects.