Department of Visual Cultures Goldsmiths University of London

As our societies become exponentially interconnected, complex and interdependent, we are faced with the problem of how to access this scale of reality in order to even begin imagining how it could be navigated otherwise. What new frames of reference does this scale open up, including understandings of what and where the human is, within this configuration? How can we imagine manoeuvring at this scale without subordinating localised differences to reductive, homogenizing forces; how can we preserve the particular while upholding the planetary? What consequences does this scale bear on aesthetic practices, ones that hold great potential to render these new perspectives sensible, and amenable to experience? We will look at how an expanded picture of the 'interface' operates as a vehicle not only to speculatively access this scale, but also, and perhaps more importantly for us semantic creatures, to narrate meanings of that access.