Dynamische Akustische Forschung

To speak or think of a better world, is to speak or think of a world that does not yet exist in the concrete here and now of this world. A better world is always located in a somewhere and somewhen of an otherworld. A better world is, therefore, an inexistent world. In this way any struggle for a better world, is also a struggle for learning how to witness an inexistent world that is not yet concretely available to experience. What is meant by ‘world’ is simply a space where life activities take place, including the conditions of experience belonging to that world. These conditions of experience are shaped by frames of reference belonging to a world that condition experience in a certain way. Because frames of reference belonging to a concrete world set a certain perspective as to what is possible or impossible to think, see, hear, or question – it is difficult to imagine or perform outside those points-of-view – and yet, this is the task if we are to collectively construct better worlds for coexistence. This two-day workshop concerns the development of hypothetical frames of reference from the perspective of an otherworld – ones that can be made sensible at the level of experience through sonic or acoustic experiments. As part discursive, part experimental, and part collective listening session, we will be tasked with suspending certain frames of reference of our current world in order to invent possibility-spaces for otherworldly sensing as a playful way to invent conditions for witnessing that which eludes seeing or hearing in the configuration of our given world. Thematic Keywords (either explicit or adjacent to the seminar): Conceptual Alienation, Schematics, Navigation, Human Self-Conception, Episteme, Multi-Scalar Dimensions, Cosmology, Scientific Image / Manifest Image, Perspectivalism, Situated Knowledge(s), Counterfactual Worlds, Discrete and Continuous, Copernican Trauma, Inhumanism, Artifactual Mind, World-Building / Worlding, Counterfactual Worlds