Verses of a Nameless Land

2012 | Audio Installation / Publication | Duration: 2h 45m

Composed of 194 national anthems, redacted to omit all traces of national, ethnic, symbolic or geographical specificity and reassembled in thematic movements, maintaining original line structures.

MP3 Excerpt – 5minutes of 2h 45 minutes total.
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The piece was installed on the outdoor rooftop plaza of the House of World Cultures, across the river from the German Chancellor’s residence.

Installation Site, Rooftop at Haus der Kulturen Der Welt | Photo: Studio Miessen

Installation Site, Kiosk (Redesigned by Studio Miessen) | Photo: Studio Miessen

Installation Site | Photo: Studio Miessen



Published by Onomatopee, (NL); Designed by Inedition
August 2013
ISBN 9789491677052
11 X 17 cm, 156 Pages, softcover


Text Excerpt:


Keep watch with the angels, the stars and moon,
Reaching to the stars, reaching to the stars,
The dawn star rises up,
This land be
Between stars,
Five pale stars,
Star of hope and honour
The image of the small astral constellation
And beyond the starry sky,
Flying over the shoulders of the highest comets,
Travel the high road
By the spirit of the loyal.

Thus heaven will lavish its bounty
If in thy lovely, smiling and clear skies
Whilst his dear ones go to heaven
Life is heaven in thine embrace
This land.
For in heaven your eternal destiny
Forever your skies,
This land
Grant true wisdom from above.

The cry of the fatherland sounds
from the battlefields,
This cry which saved the fatherland
Our cubs, be prepared for the foreseen battles
The courageous spirit of your ancestors is with you!
United in concord and brotherhood,
Always saving their motherland
With one will to save our fatherland,
For the fatherland, fight!

Our fatherland defends liberty and justice,
Glory to you, our free fatherland.
Lead us, mother, to fullest freedom,
We loyal sons and daughters all
Of a regional and ancient line
Illustrious epic of our brothers,
Generations of yours
We are this land’s children,
Your children, wives and white-haired grandsires.

Dear motherland, greetings to you
Care for our homeland…from forefathers on,
Our brave forefathers sowed the seed,
Each of its sons is brave
Thou wilt see that a son of thine flees not from battle
Sons and daughters of this land,
Your children salute you, dear land of the free
Bless us, the children of the region
Deity of our forefathers, protect and
bless forever this land.