Alien Subjects

Feb 18 2017, 12-15:00

Workshop at transmediale excursions (with D. Bauer/Laboria Cuboniks), Feb. 18, 12-15:00. Registration here.

This workshop will extrapolate from the affirmation of alienation as announced in the Xenofeminist manifesto. Two members of the group will lead discussions elaborating the term, focusing on what exactly is meant by ‘alienation’ and its usefulness in thinking the political in relation to our complex reality. How can it be a generative (rather than debilitating) state? How may the notion of an ‘Alien Subject(ivity)’ help mould our self-understanding as we orient ourselves towards a post-anthropocentric world? The first hour of the workshop is dedicated to presentations, followed by two-hours of collective discussion of selected readings.