The Middle to Come

Feb 5 2017, 11:30

Panel discussion at transmediale, Berlin. February 5, 11:30 @HKW. Moderated by Alessandro Ludovico, with F. Brunton W. H. K. Chun F. Cramer & N. Fenton.

"How will media platforms affect our capacity to act in the near future? Who will have agency and whose futures will be left out of the picture? The Middle to Come session emphasizes the increased power of centralized media platforms today that affect and shape contemporary politics. The panel explores how algorithmic processes and popular Internet culture have empowered the rise of a new digital populism and politics of race. Presenters will reflect upon the dual and decisive role of affect in times of algorithmic governmentality, building virtual and physical separations, asymmetries, and limitations. The challenges and possibilities of opposing contemporary radicalization will also be addressed, speculating on the potential of collective agency for what is yet to come."