Collective Infrastructures and Knowledge Production in a Post-Digital Age

12 Nov, 2020

Workshop and discussion hosted by The Mosaic Rooms (London, UK), event online 12 November 2020, 2-4.30pm (BST) and 5-7.30pm (BST). Accompanying program of Heba Amin’s solo exhibition at the Gallery.

The New Centre, Heba Y. Amin and Anthony Downey invite you to participate in an online workshop to test new forms of learning in a post-digital world. Guided by live presentations, this workshop with Mohammad Salemy, Brunella Antomarini, Valentin Golev, Reza Negarestani and Patricia Reed will generate a glossary of terms that will develop as a collective response to the online discussions. By thinking through the limits of computational technologies, the event will encourage users to rethink the conventional infrastructures that inform online learning and, in turn, formulate an experimental approach to shared knowledge production and political action.