Interview on Strelka Magazine

1 April, 2019

“Towards Post-Anthropocentric Cosmologies”, an interview by Yulia Gromova available here.

“Wynter took Foucault’s concept of the episteme further, arguing that the episteme determines codes of governance that instantiate a particular ‘genre of being human,’ how we frame humanness, in its image. If we transform human self-conception, we will have a whole set of other consequences and ramifications cascade out of that,” Reed explains.

Wynter’s reclaiming of humanism casts light on the brutal contradictions and modes of exclusivity that lie at the heart of its Eurocentric enactment – pointing to the chasm between its ideals and its materialization in the world. The framing of the “human” has long been a cause for countless injustices and violence, so “until the historical exclusivity of this category ‘human’ is grappled with, hopes that we humans may unite under the common threat of the Anthropocene remain an ahistorical idealism, trapping us in the immobility of wishful thinking” writes Reed in her recent essay.

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