Lecture at Goldsmith’s MFA and Curating Dept.

Dec 7 2015, 17-19:00

On Mobile Alienation, at the LG02 Stuart Hall Building, Dec 7., 2015 at 17-19:00. Event on FB.

Planetary-level complexity requires concepts capable of moving between different scales and material states - for example, in going between the local and the global; and between the ideal and the real. This talk will introduce a ‘synthetic’ (or integrative) approach as a way to engineer such transits. As a kind of ‘glue’ amongst fragmented parts, synthesis is the construction of an intermediary site where the relations between models and actuality, fictions and realities can be situated. The synthetic creation of such sites is equally a space for generative alienation, an alienation of fixed perspectives that is necessary for post-catastrophic world-making.