Politics of the Machine

Feb 4 2017, 13:00

Panel discussion at transmediale Berlin. February 4, 13:00 @HKW. Moderated by Sarah Sharma, with B. Scott & F. Sprenger.

Decisions can take time, unless machines make them. Machinic decision-making is immediate, determinate, and efficient—controlling information flows and automatically allocating tasks for the human, beyond the human. Due to machinic impact on work, finance, communication, and everyday life, politics of the machine may become prominent politics of the future. Promises of the forthcoming, well regulated, and predetermined world, however, leave certain questions unanswered. How democratic or open can this world be and how much room for negotiation can it allow? Who will be accountable for it and whose values does it embrace? Are the unseen politics of the machine the ultimate politics for alienation? The panel explores possibilities and limitations for political action in an accelerated, machine-driven world.