Value and Noise: Inhabitation at High Dimensions

30 March 2022

Curation of a day-long Master’s Symposium for the Visual Arts Department at HEAD Genève, CH. Streaming broadcast online, March 30 2022, 10:00-18:30.

In this symposium we will depart from the premise that planetary entanglement is a noisy, inseparable space, in both acoustic and informational understandings of the term, looking at how the arts can participate in projects of perspectival recalibration, otherwise said, in processes of localisation.

The day will unfold in broadcast form, with contributions in various formats from lectures, annotated listening sessions, screenings, dialogues, with student interventions as glossary and diagrammatic intervals to guide the episodes.

Master Symposium of the Visual Arts Department at HEAD Genève 2022 is coordinated by the CCC in conversation with TRANS and work.master at HEAD Genève.