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POSTPONED | The Valuation of Necessity – Lecture and Screening

18 Nov 2021

A lecture stemming from The Valuation of Necessity essay, and a screening of Incommensurate States held at Lothringer 13 in conjunction with “Dissolving Matter and Value”, Munich, DE, on 18 November at 19:30.

As part of the project “dissolving matter&value ,” Patricia Reed is invited to give an in-depth insight into her two-part essay “The Valuation of Necessity” that was published in the “Blockchains & Cultural Padlocks Research Report” by 221A –  a Vancouver-based organization that works with artists and designers to research and develop social, cultural and ecological infrastructure. As a reflection on a techno-social configuration of world, the essay explores questions of coexistence within the context of today’s planetary transformations. Starting from the complex concept of necessity as a social invention, Reed examines cosmological frameworks and related valuation systems that also shape the use and abuse of technologies.