Performing Brouhaha

2006 | Choir Performance

Performing Brouhaha [Kottbusser Tor] is an outdoor public performance comprised of a “choir” which recites a phonetic based text. The text is a collection of linguistic sounds transcribed by hand on site in the hub of the Kottbusser Tor subway station. The collection is then translated in the English phonetic alphabet (as a native English speaker, I subjectively “heard” in English), and printed as a score [Partitur] for the performers.
The choir assembled in a line in street clothing directly at the site at which the text was collected. Like a typical choir they have their scores in front of them. The performers were not trained singers, for they simply speak the text. The choir simultaneously performs the noise from the street back into public space, which informed its contents.


Performing Brouhaha Choir at Kottbusser Tor, Berlin


Performing Brouhaha Choir


Sample score page
Download scorebook as PDF [1Mb]